Citrix 7.15 Desktops spans across multiple Monitors

Recently, I came across an issue where whenever users launched a desktop off their citrix, it would launch it across multiple monitors instead of giving user an option if they want to view it in full screen or span to multiple monitors.

This can be fixed using GUI or making a change to the web.config file on citrix store front server. I will will show you both ways.

  1. Log on to citrix store front server.
  2. Browse to Receiver for Web sites tab.

3. Select the site and open Manage Receiver for Web sites and then select Configure.

4. Browse to Client Interface Settings and make sure Show Desktop viewer is selected and apply the settings.

Now this can also be done by making a change in the web config file on store front server. Showdesktopviewer needs to be set to true for this to work.

config file for the store, which is typically located in the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\storename\ directory

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