Disable Facebook From Tracking Your Activities

Do you know you are getting tracked by Facebook? Have you noticed when you were searching to buy something online and you start getting Ads for that item on Facebook? Facebook keeps track of pretty much everything you do especially the apps you use by using face book account. For e.g. you are trying to sign up for Quora.com and you get an option to sign in using your logged in Facebook account. Doing so will make the process faster as you won’t have to sign up and give all the details required for signing up as it will get all that info from Facebook. But for that benefit you are letting Facebook track every activity of yours on quora.com. You can disable this if you wish.

  1. Log on to the Facebook site and then click on the down arrow from the top right of the screen. Settings & Privacy – Settings – Your Facebook Information.

2. View Off-Facebook Activity – More Options – Manage Future Activity and then toggle off the Future Off-Facebook Activity. Please note that there is an option to Clear History, you should do that as well so it deletes your old history. It will also show you the apps that are connected using your Facebook app. It would be better to disconnect them and sign up on those apps manually rather than using Facebook account to avoid you being tracked.

Disable Facebook Tracking from Facebook App

  1. Tap the hamburger menu from the bottom-left corner of the Facebook app. 
  2. Scroll down a bit and tap the Settings & Privacy option.
  3. Now, tap the Settings option.
  4. Scroll down to locate the Off-Facebook activity tool under the Your Facebook Information header.
  5. Select the tool and then tap on More options.
  6. You’ll now see a dialogue box that includes the Manage Future Activity option. Tap that option and then press on the Manage Future Activity button. 
  7. Now, toggle off the button next to the Future off-Facebook activity title to turn off your future ‘off-Facebook activity’ tracking.

Please note that this can take at least 48 hours for your account to be disconnected from being tracked.

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