Adding A Shared Mailbox on Citrix Secure Mail Along with your Primary Mailbox

These steps will guide you through adding a shared and / or secondary mailbox along with your main mailbox in Citrix Secure Mail.

  1. Please make sure you have full access permissions for shared mailbox.
  2. Choose an AD field on your AD / Mailbox that is not in use for e.g. Pager field and populate that with the Primary SMTP of shared mailbox.

3. On XenMobile, create a new Exchange device policy. Following is an example of an exchange device policy for IOS devices. In the User and Email Address fields, enter ${user.pager}. Please populate other settings as per your current setup.

4. Create a new Delivery group and add this device policy to it along with other settings you currently have for that user.

5. Remove the user from other delivery group and add to this new delivery group. You might have to refresh the policy in secure hub and / or just reboot the device to get the new settings of new device policy.

Please note that this new device policy needs to be added to your new delivery group along with other device policies that you currently have in place. This device policy will just add the additional mailbox (shared mailbox) to your primary mailbox. So you still need other device policies that sets up your primary mailbox.

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