Adding Phone Number To Teams

Recently, we have had issues where we were setting up Apple enrolments on Microsoft Intunes which requires an Apple ID which requires an email address and phone number to verify the identity. Engineers were using their personal phone numbers and when the cert expires after a year, we run into an issue if that Engineer is not available and end up creating a new ID and re-enrolling the devices. Apple Business Manager is another option but had hard time verifying client identity (takes about a week for Apple to validate client).

So, basically we were looking for an option where every client has their own dedicated phone number. I tested out the following way and worked out successfully hence sharing. Only issue as of right now is that SMS doesn’t work on Microsoft teams number but luckily Apple offers a call option too.

  1. Purchase Microsoft Teams Domestic Calling Plan and Office 365 E3 or 35 license and apply to a user ( Please make sure it is global admin too. 
  1. Log on with account and browse to if it doesn’t work make the account teams admin as well.
  1. Browse to Location – Emergency Address. Add client’s address.
  1. Browse to Phone Numbers – Add. You select city and it will auto populate from whatever address you selected in previous step. It will show you area codes from that location and  you can select one. You will have 10 mins to place order to get the number.
  1. Select the number and edit.
  1. Assign to the user and apply. After that you can start receiving / calling calls. For Apple / Android enrolments, please use the phone call option as you will get a call on teams, and you can get the code that way.

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