Email Forwarding Report

Recently, I worked on getting a report of all users who have Email forwarding enabled. Users can have forwarding enabled at their mailbox level and / or mailbox rules. Forwarding Enabled on Mailbox Level: Get-Mailbox -Organizationalunit "OU Path" | where {$_.ForwardingAddress -ne $null} | ft -wrap -autosize Name, ForwardingAddress, DeliverToMailboxAndForward Forwarding Set up using Mailbox... Continue Reading →

Blocked Active Sync Device

I have recently come across an issue where a device status was Blocked. It was Allowed from Exchange Online portal but after refreshing it, it goes back to the Blocked state. I ran the following command on exchange power shell to find out the device ID of the device that was in Blocked status. Make... Continue Reading →

External Email Sent To Distribution Group With External Recipients Are Flagged As Spam Or Being Discarded

Issue Recently, I have come across an issue where external emails sent to a distribution group were being discarded for members which were external recipients. Emails to internal recipient members were being delivered successfully. For e.g. consider a client with domain having a distribution group called with two members. and When... Continue Reading →

View Lync Enabled Mailboxes Only

You want to get a list of mailboxes that have Lync enabled. When Lync is enabled for a mailbox, you get an additional address type i.e. SIP in the email properties of a mailbox. Following command will list all users along with their SIP addresses and if Lync is not enabled, SIP address would be... Continue Reading →

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