How to Safely Remove Correct Volumes from VMWare

It’s scary when removing the offline drives as working drives can be removed accidentally. I will show you how to make sure that you are in fact removing the correct drive from VCentre.

  1. You need to make sure the drive is offline in disk management.
  2. Right-click on Disk – Properties

3. Look for number after Target Id.

4. Log on to VCenter and edit the VM and see all the disks and note the number after SCSI (. Jot down the number after : which is 1 in this case and matches number in previous step.

5. Do not get confused with hard disk number as in previous step hard disk was 1 as well but not necessarily same drive so we need to confirm it the way I showed you in previous steps.

6. If the location is 224, then you need to look for SCSI (1:8) on VMWare end for the below example.

If location is 160, it’s SCSI (0, Target ID)

If location is 224, it’s SCSI (1, Target ID)

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